ITovation October 27: Svein Tryggestad, Innovator

Svein Tryggestad, Adressa 11.11.2007Svein Tryggestad, founder of OCEANOR. Property developer, investor and member of several boards.

1.    What background did you have when you started – education and experience?
Cand Real from the University at Blindern. Master in Physical oceanography / meteorology. Ten years as a researcher at SINTEF (NHL), Head of the Department of Marine Environment at NHL.

2.      Why did you start – were you on your own or with others, if so, with whom and with what experience?
In order to serve a growing market in offshore we had to commercialize the business we ran at the research institution SINTEF. We needed significantly more capital and faster decision paths to be able to serve this market. Furthermore, we saw great potential in environmental monitoring, which back then was a new market. Left SINTEF with 33 men with approximately 10 years of experience at the research institution, and started up in 1984.

3.      What’s the name of the company you established, and how did it go with it?
OCEANOR (Oceanographic Company of Norway), the company developed well but it took time. Today the company is part of the Fugro group, with a turnover of between 100 and 120 million with annual earnings about 5 million.

4.      Would you do anything different today?

5.      One good advice to young people today with an entrepreneur mind?
Go ahead! Get in touch with LEN, Leiv Eiriksson Innovation.

6.      Did you get any special support back then, like economic / other resources that helped you get started – public or private?
I had a good agreement with SINTEF on buying out contracts and equipment. Received a 10 million NOK loan from the bank of Nordea, and had close co-operation with oil companies and the Norwegian Research Council.

7.      What is your own opinion about what caused the success?
Talented people thinking commercially from day one. A pleasant and exciting work environment, with similar commercial enterprises near by. And there was a need in the market for our products.

8.      What do you do today?
Invested in, and member of the board, for several start-up businesses. Property developer (Pirsenteret with about 150 companies).

The picture is from the newspaper Adressa, 11.11.2007:


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ITovation October 27: Jon Sletthaug, Innovator

After the speech from the director of Q-Free at ITovation, you can experience a panel discussion with several of the innovators from the eightees in Trondheim, we will present them on these pages the next few days:

Jon Sletthaug Jon Sletthaug, senior advisor at Leiv Eirikssons Nyskaping AS, was the director of the first seed capital company ASEV AS (AS Etablerings- og Virksomhetsutvikling) in Norway, 1984. The company invested in technology based business ideas and established 27 companies based on unique and new technology, mainly from NTNU/SINTEF. In 1989 he established a new venture capital company, Norsk nyetablering AS with a capital base of 40 mill NOK, which invested in  companies based on new technology and technology companies in general.

1993: Trøndelag vekst AS: 100 mill NOK, focus on venture business.

1999: Leiv Eiriksson Nyskaping AS and Såkorninvest Midt Norge AS, focus on new companies and business development in owned companies.

Sletthaug was the first person in Scandinavia to start with organised seed capital venture activities, and is still heavily involved in this at Leiv Eiriksson Nyskaping AS in Trondheim.

Education and experience:  Sletthaug has a master of science and PhD in electrical engineering at NTNU.  He has been director at SINTEF anda also has 17 years of experience from the industry.

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Itovation October 27: Roe Strømmen, Innovator

Roe StrommenRoe D. Strømmen, director of ARACO AS, his own company. Entrepeneur and co-founder of the company CorrOcean ASA in Trondheim 1978-80.

1980-2001: Managing Director of CorrOcean ASA. Strømmen initiated and managed the development of the company and of key products. Strømmen developed CorrOcean to become a leading supplier internationally to the petroleum industry of technology for materials and corrosion monitoring, materials condition and risk management. Set up subsidiaries in 11 countries and reached annual sales of 380 mill NOK.

Today he is a director of his own company ARACO and is presently serving on the board of directors at CorrOcean, and other companies like: BTU (Brønnteknologiutvikling AS), Epcon (Energy and Process Control AS), Entro AS, Exprosoft AS, In Lieu AS, Midnor CNI, ODIM ASA, Petrell AS, Røe Kommunikasjon AS. He is presently on the board of 8 companies.

Education and experience: Strømmen has a master of science in mechanical engineering/ materials technology and a PhD at NTNU in materials and corrosion technology. After leaving the management at CorrOcean, director at his own company ARACO AS since 2003.

Roe will be participating in the panel discussion after the Q-Free-speech.

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ITovation Programme 27 October 2009

When: 27 october 2009, 3 – 6 pm
Where: Realfagbygget, R2, Gloshaugen campus, NTNU.
Chairman: Geir Øien, Dean, Faculty of Information Technology, Mathematics and Electrical Engineering, NTNU

Torbjørn Digernes, NTNU Rector and Torbjørn Akersveen, CEO, NCEI, invite you to ITovation in

English | Norwegian | Italian | Chinese | Dutch | Russian |


Part 1: 3:00 – 4:00 pm

Welcome by Chairman

An innovative culture with multidisciplinary scientists
Per Jørgen Weisethaunet, Director, Norbit AS

Norbit is an ODM supplier of industrial electronics and an industrial entrepreneur, making industrial, spin-off, initiatives based on Norbit technology. Our fundamental strength is our capability to provide outstanding products and systems that fulfill our customer’s requirements. The products have “Norbit inside” and are branded with our partners’ or customers’ own brands. The desire to pursue excellence pervades our international team of “Champion’s league” engineers and has yielded a range of ground-breaking products within the following fields: Radar, Ultrasound, Sonar, DSRC, Navigation systems, Radio and antenna systems and Power line modems

Sensorlink – Real time monitoring for oil production and drilling
Tor Inge Waag, Technical Director Sensorlink

Sensorlink is a hi-tech company concentrating on real time monitoring of important data for oil production and drilling. One product is a non-intrusive, high precision permanent monitoring of corrosion rates of pipelines. Another product is position monitoring of a hidden piston inside the heave compensator of floating drilling platforms. Both products can be accessed in real time from offshore and onshore locations, enabling field and office teams to share data and make joint decisions quickly.

Musical Instrumentation
Jan Tro, Associate Professor, Acoustics Research Centre, Department of Electronics and Telecommunications, NTNU

4:00 – 4:45 pm Creative food and drinks-

(In Norwegian:) Lefserull med gravet ørrett og senepsaus, morrpølse,
spekeskinke, tydalsrøye med agurksalat og rømme, rørosost med urter,
rørosost med krydder, tomatsalat, pesto, tomatpesto, fruktfat, multekrem, mineralvann.

– and: ArTe by Letizia Jaccheri (NTNU), Urd Schjetne and others.

Sewing: another way of seeing

Part 2: 4:45 pm – 6:00 pm

Artificial intelligence – Learning through imitation
Axel Tidemann, PhD Department of Computer and Information Science, NTNU

Main Speach:

Developing a successful worldwide company –  the story of Q-Free

Øyvind Isaksen, CEO and Hans Christian Bolstad, Vice President R&D, Q-Free

Q-Free has become a leading global supplier of solutions and products for road user charging and traffic surveillance. A company with approximately 300 employees and represented in 20 countries, Q-Free has become a success in the Intelligent Transport Systems market.

Join the discussion after the speach with specially invited guests, successfull innovators from the wave of entrepeneurs in Trondheim in the 1980’s.

In the panel: Jon Sletthaug (ASEV AS, Norsk nyetablering ..), Roe Strømmen (Corr-Ocean), Svein Tryggestad (Oceanor) and Hans Olav Torsen (Seatex).


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Next ITovation: October 27, 2009, 3-6 pm

Tentative program

NCEI and NTNU invites you to the next ITovation event October 27,
3-6 pm at Realfagbygget, R2, Gloeshaugen campus, NTNU.

Part one 3 – 4 pm

Welcome by/ Chairman Geir Øien, Dean,
Faculty of Information Technology, Mathematics and Electrical Engineering, NTNU

Innovative Culture with multidisciplinary scientists
Director Per Jørgen Weisethaunet, Norbit AS

Sensorlink – Real time monitoring for oil production and drilling
Technical Director Tor Inge Waag, Sensorlink.

Jan Tro,   associate professor, Acoustics Research Centre, Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, NTNU

4 – 4.45 pm Creative food and drinks – and:

  • ArTe by Letizia Jaccheri (NTNU) and students

Part two 4.45 -6 pm:

Artificial intelligence – Learning through imitation
PhD Axel Tidemann, Department of Computer and Information Science.

Main speach
– to be announced

Register here

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Planning has started for upcoming ITovation events autumn 2009

The ITovation committee has its first meating on the 13th of august for the planning of the upcoming ITovation events. The date for the next ITovation event will therefore soon be released.

The first ITovation event will be arranged by NCEI and NTNU.

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