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21 April 2009 at 16:26

Edited May 4, 2009

When: 14 May 2009, 14:15 pm – 18:00 pm
EL5, the Electro building, Gloshaugen campus, NTNU.
Chairman: Arne Sølvberg, Dean, Faculty of Information Technology, Mathematics and Electrical Engineering, NTNU

Rector Torbjørn Digernes, NTNU and Torbjørn Akersveen, CEO, NCEI, invite you to the fifth ITovation seminar in

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Part 1: 2:15 pm – 3:30 pm

Artificial intelligence – Learning through imitation
PhD Axel Tidemann,Department of Computer and Information Science

Computational Intelligence for Cyber Robot System
Main speaker: Professor Jong-Hwan Kim, Kaist, South-Korea

This talk introduces the new concepts, recent progress and developments of ubiquitous robot, genetic robot and cyber-physical robot systems along with the new classification of robot intelligence. Special emphasis is placed on the usage of computational intelligence, social intelligence, behavioral intelligence, ambient intelligence, genetic intelligence and group (or swamp) intelligence. This system will provide us with seamless, calm, and context-aware services in a networked environment.

Professor Kim is also known to be the creator of “The Federation of International Robot Soccer”.

3:30 pm – 4.30 pm

Creative food and drinks and music by World Music Ensemble

Part 2: 4:30 pm – 18:00 pm

Norbit – Innovative culture with multidisciplinary scientists
Per Jørgen Weisethaunet CEO / Managing Director Norbit AS

Norbit is an ODM supplier of industrial electronics and an industrial entrepreneur, making industrial, spin-off, initiatives based on Norbit technology. Our fundamental strength is our capability to provide outstanding products and systems that fulfill our customer’s requirements. The products have “Norbit inside” and are branded with our partners’ or customers’ own brands. The desire to pursue excellence pervades our international team of “Champion’s league” engineers and has yielded a range of ground-breaking products within the following fields: Radar, Ultrasound, Sonar, DSRC, Navigation systems, Radio and antenna systems and Power line modems

Sensorlink – Real time monitoring for oil production and drilling
Tor Inge Waag, Dr.Ing, Technical Director, Sensorlink

Sensorlink is a hi-tech company concentrating on real time monitoring of important data for oil production and drilling. One product is a non-intrusive, high precision permanent monitoring of corrosion rates of pipelines. Another product is position monitoring of a hidden piston inside the heave compensator of floating drilling platforms. Both products can be accessed in real time from offshore and onshore locations, enabling field and office teams to share data and make joint decisions quickly.

Hyperspectral monitoring under water
Professor Geir Johnsen, Department of Biology, NTNU

Register before May 10 to be guaranteed a place.
No admission fee.


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